David has earned more than 50 recommendations/endorsements from key industry professionals and business leaders.

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    David is a very bright and visionary technology professional. His enthusiasm for driving the business forward though an active on-line presence was game changing for Constellation Energy. He was a great partner to the technology team and was an integrator between the technology and marketing professionals to bring about a consumer product awareness to the energy industry. A true professional and an asset to any organization.
    Michelle MeKenna, SVP, Chief Information Officer at National Football League

    I have recruited David to work with me in two different organizations leading Digital teams and each time he has outperformed my expectations. No matter what task he is assigned, he finds a way to win.

    On one occasion, I set an aspirational goal to double Digital conversion for a multi-billion-dollar organization. I thought it was a lofty goal that we could only hit if everything fell into place perfectly. Everything did not fall into place perfectly, but through David’s creativity, inspiration, flexibility, leadership and pure will to win he led the team to nearly triple our conversion rate.

    He is a pleasure to be around and truly cares about his team as well as his work. In addition, he is a great speaker. I asked David to lead several informational/training sessions for my team which was comprised of hundreds of Sales, Marketing, Digital and Customer Experience leaders. They were not an easy audience, which anyone who speaks to Sales teams can attest to. He did a phenomenal job and in surveys sent out afterward he would generally get higher feedback scores than my own presentations. He is funny, caring and someone you can count on. I recommend David without hesitation.
    Mike Midgett, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Centrica North American Home (Direct Energy)

    David is an extraordinary collaborator and inspiring leader. I have had the pleasure of working with David at Direct Energy and have found him to quickly grasp a larger vision for our Services business and help to inspire others. He is a clear communicator and a terrific partner to the P&L owners. He makes technology accessible and understandable to the business to assure solid decisions and buy-in. Because of this quality he gets the “right” solution in place quickly, with a high ROI and with solid change management along the way.
    Kathleen O’Hara, VP & GM at Sears ServiceLive

    David is one of the few leaders who can inspire and rally senior executive leadership to embrace digital marketing and customer care strategy and transformation. His passion, knowledge, and drive to deliver visionary results are unsurpassed. I’ve never seen anyone so quickly gain the confidence of senior leadership to invest digital transformation. His communications are crisp, factual based, educational, and decisive. His experience is unmatched in terms of what he knows and has accomplished. In other words, David sets digital strategy, educates senior leadership, and delivers on strategy execution. I was there, I saw it. Truly impressive!

    Here are the words that come to mind when I think of David. Confident! Driven! Results-Oriented! Extremely-Technical! And, just fun to be around!

    I’ve had the opportunity to mentor David and watch him grow, lead, and accomplish results at the highest levels. A little secret, while I was mentoring David, he was busy reverse-mentoring me and other leaders throughout Constellation Energy.
    Todd Carter, VP of IT at Exelon

    David is a creative and collaborative leader any organization would benefit from. He consistently demonstrated a genuine and engaged interest in the customer experience operation and advocated for transformational customer experience change. He developed great relationships with the leaders he supported and became a conduit for collaboration across the entire organization.
    Jack Meek, VP of Strategy & Operations at Godaddy

    David is a genuine visionary; his leadership skills are exceptional and he has a natural ability to rally people behind shared goals. My experience of working with David was a hugely positive one and the initiatives where put in place under his direction had a material impact on performance. David has a way of making the complex very simple; in the face pace world of Digital, this is a vital skill and its clear that David takes his discipline seriously, staying abreast of industry trends and being the first to push for tests and trials. I’d have no hesitation in highly recommending David for any leadership position.
    Adam Barrett, Assistant Head of Brand Strategy, UK Ministry of Defence

    Many qualities are needed to successfully navigate the digital transformation agenda in a large company and David has them all in large measure — knowledge of IT systems and processes, ability to engage with business leadership on their challenges and priorities, thoughtful insight into how an organization and industry will develop, vision and the ability to communicate that vision, and perhaps hardest when trying to drive change – patience! It is a pleasure working with David and seeing his progress as a leader and champion for his organization’s transformation.
    Ted Shelton, Chief Customer Officer Catalytic

    David is an excellent leader and a very strategic “digital” thinker who knows how to execute! I worked closely with him and observed how he defined a very clear vision for the transformation that he wanted to drive at Constellation Energy. He then did an outstanding job of keeping his team motivated and managing issues as they occurred day to day to keep the factors that needed to be aligned to keep moving towards his goals. He was also very focused on ongoing measurement of progress and was therefore able to be very specific about the substantial business value his initiatives were driving.
    Howard Tiersky, CIO.com contributor, Innovation Consultant, Speaker, and CEO of FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency